It is Not Literally Banana, Though We Do Love ’em

Writing has always had a spot in my heart and brain. Well, I don’t really write that well, really, but I always loved the feeling of expressing and editing my own writing making it post-able. It is quite an interesting process. As a sentimental personality that thinks too much and easily wanders around when seated in public, ideas often comes and yearn wanting to be expanded in writings but in the end always failed to finalize it. With technology that became more and more advanced these days, god knows how it actually makes people even lazier than before. You know what I mean?  

So, it was a Monday morning (SG time) when I mentioned to San that I wanted to create a collaborative blog with her. And later that afternoon she finally replied and said okay, that was when I got really excited over the fact that we’re going to have a collaborative site again! Yes. Again. As a fun fact, this blog is actually our second blog together after our first one made during the young-teenager days that has left no trace till this date as we forgot the password and all of that. So, sayonara to that blog. It was called dejavu designs, btw! haha.
I wish I have it saved all along to once in a while reminisce, though.

As one of my closest friends since junior high school (around 10 years now wow), I always always love sharing stories with San, even till this second. Although we are living thousands miles away from each other for years, I feel that we’re always able to connect anytime, somewhat somehow. I was very ecstatic when she agrees with the idea, as I think it is always an adventure to work with her.
Well to me, other than being one of my bestest friend, San and I sort of have that similar but different kind of thinking that unexplainably fulfills each other. Everybody say “AWW”.

So Voila! A blog called Nomad Bananas was (roughly) made. Well I don’t particularly see myself as a legit nomad to be honest – especially comparing it to San, but living in a foreign country for half of my life now just made me feeling very nomadic. Also, the word Nomad was the only thing that I could think of that moment. But if I should relate myself to the nomads, things like identity crisis, culture crisis, social crisis, and lots of things similar – I still go through. Yes, we do get a lot of exposure to various cultures but that doesn’t mean it is easy nor it is that bad, really. And through these experiences, San and I decided to have this fun collaboration posting things from where we are currently, Madrid and Singapore.

Till this second, we are definitely still in the embryo stage that still needs a whole lot of developments. And together, we hope, the blog will grow to even more informative, useful, and most importantly to become one of the best platform for both of us to just.. express ourselves and be helpful for others.

Cheers to more!


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