Hi 🙂

This is San and I’ve had a do-nothing weekend. I had dance practice yesterday and today I decided to wake up late and stay on bed, doing nothing. You know, those typical days when you decide to wake up and stay in bed and not shower the whole day. Those days where you get up to change your body’s position and your laptop’s position, and go to the bathroom, and go to the kitchen to prepare or bring food to be eaten on your bed.

I then realized that I almost ran out of food, but had leftover spaghetti with mozarella and tomato sauce. That’s what I ate in the end. Leftover food isn’t really the typical healthy food, but remember that throwing away good food is bad. The spaghetti was good, though hahaha 😀

Today I want to share with you, guys, my music playlist. Lately, I’ve been listening to depressing songs about break-ups or about not being able to reach the person that you love. It has nothing to do with my love life, but I enjoy depressing songs. And to accompany the songs, I’m going to post images from my 2012 winter holiday trip to Switzerland with my brother, which I hope would inspire you in some ways.

Switzerland is beautiful, even under the gloomy sky of winter ♥

Luzern. I'm currently writing a story whose prologue is set here.
Luzern. I’m currently writing a story whose prologue is set here.
St Gallen
St Gallen


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