Shopping Time: Bugis Street Singapore

Work was just hectic this week causing me to MIA a while from NB. Sorry!

More about red spots in Singapore this time round. Decided to come to this place past weekend and thought why not I do a post about it. Yippy!

Another place you cannot miss when you’re visiting Singapore especially if you love budget shopping or.. simply souvenir shopping for your loved ones back home, this is it. One the largest street shopping location in Singapore; it’s the holymoly Bugis Street! Located just across Bugis MRT (east west line) and Bugis Junction Mall, this place is packed with tourists and locals especially on Sundays!

So what’s inside? Well, it is a street full stuff from fashion, food, accessories, salons, souvenirs, you name it. According to their site they have over 600 shops across 3 levels, where before, it was just about 26 shops with only one level. Adding more, they have their online shopping site up now for gals and guys that prefers shopping from home. How cool!

Inside the packed bugis street
Inside the packed bugis street

What’s great? In my opinion, this place is more or less similar to Ladies Market in Hong Kong or Chathuchak in Bangkok. Things are relatively cheaper or should I say affordable here compared to other places like central town. No, you won’t find any branded stuff here. It’s just your generic clothing, and you can also find dupes of the current it fashion brand, etc. You may or may not do some bargaining here, depending on the owner of the shop, if she’s kind enough and if you beg hard enough plus lucky enough, you may walk out of that store with a bag of happiness! 😛 Product quality wise, i’d say it is average. Don’t expect too much when shopping here to avoid the disappointment. I personally think it is good enough for the price. What’s better? Oh, did I mention, it is now air-conditioned too?

Overall, this place is just great for your pocket. (if you, my friend, can control yourselves 😉 ) I personally go to this place about once or twice within a month or two, or just as I like.

Picture time? Yes!

Souvenirs! Of course the “I ♥” shirt series.

Don't worry if you're run out of cash cause you have your money changer here!
Don’t worry if you’re run out of cash cause you have your money changer here!
Street food
Street food
More street food!
More street food!
Nom nom
Nom nom

Let me know if you’ve been to this place or are going to this place soon! What do you think about it? See you in my next post! Cheers with one #ootd during that day.

Don’t mind the red lips *kiss*


5 thoughts on “Shopping Time: Bugis Street Singapore

  1. you look amazing!! i love the pictures too – i’d love to travel there one day ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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