Travel Throwback: Hong Kong 5D4N – Day 3

Fifi here! It’s been a while huh.

Anyway, continuing my previous post on throwback travel to Hong Kong back in November 2014, now it’s time for day 3 – DISNEYLAND! *insert mickey mouse here*. Okay so for day 3, we spent literally the whole day at Disneyland. This is my first time being at the Mickey town. While some says it’s the worst Disneyland of all, well, I have no say to that because I have never been to the other Disneyland. Of course that’s possible, however, so long there’s Mickey Mouse and Disney songs that I can sing to all around, I am happy enough! šŸ˜›

The best part of this Disneyland trip is that I got it for free! One of my best friend is kind enough to actually buy the ticket for me as a birthday presentĀ aww.

So into details: How to go – Take the MTR! Beside it being really fast and convenient, the last train ride you’ll take to Disneyland is a special Mickey Mouse train you don’t want to miss! Exterior and interior was all about Disney. So we took the train from Kowloon Station down to Sunny Bay Interchange and from here is where you will take a one-stop-super-fast train ride to Disneyland Resort Station.

Lemme do a MTR Station OOTD haha!
Lemme do a MTR Station OOTD haha!
Photo 19-6-15 10 17 24 pm
Inside the Disney train! Isn’t it cuteee

To the Tickets! When we were there back in 2014 I believe we got the ticket for 450ish HKD. We didn’t get it at the Disneyland because, please, expect the longest queue of excited kids and you’ll end up queuing twice because entering the park was another queue. So to avoid thatĀ we got to knowĀ the internet that you could actually purchaseĀ tickets from a tour agency officeĀ called CTS (China Travel Service) at the airport, right outside after you got out from the very last baggage scan (I forgot what’s the term for that!). You can also get other theme parks tickets like the Ocean Park ticket here. And one last thing, not sure if it’s true but rumor has it that they sell it cheaper there (I think so too). And don’t be afraid that it’s a scam ticket because it’s legit and we could actually get in theĀ park. So yea! But looking at Disneyland’sĀ website as of now, I think they’ve marked up the price to 499 HKD = 86 SGD (whoa).

Mandatory Disneyland castle and Mickey head band shot
Mandatory Disneyland castle and Mickey head band tourist shot

I just realised that we only took a few picturesĀ in the park.Ā Well, due to the hassle and we wanted to really enjoy the rides and the moment there. Although the extreme rides were limited and queues were just nuts – I could say we really had a great time there being inside the happiest place on earth. My favourite rides would be the Space Mountain, RC Racer, and Toy Story Parachute Drop. Maybe more but I couldn’t remember. Hehe.. Enjoy the photos!

Photo 9-11-14 10 43 19 am

Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset

Gotta pose with the characters!
Gotta pose with the characters!

Photo 9-11-14 10 47 17 am

Merry Go Round
Merry Go Round
Night Disney Parade. Tip: BE THERE FAST!
Dont ever miss Disneyland's Fireworks. One of the most beautiful fireworks show I've ever seen!
Dont ever miss Disneyland’s Fireworks. One of the most beautiful fireworks show I’ve ever seen!
Tired feet
Tired feet

So which Disneyland have you ever been into? And let me know which Disneyland that you think is the best of all!

See you again Disneyland!
See you again Disneyland!
What I got from the Disneyland shop
What I got from the Disneyland shop

Next post will be on our visit to Ngong Ping 360! Stay tune~

Check out the previous of my Travel Throwback Hong Kong Series, Day 1 and 2 here! All post about Hong Kong can be found here


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