Costa da Vela: A Hidden Beauty

Some people love secluded places where they can enjoy the best of the surroundings without being disturbed by the noise made by other people. Sometimes, these secluded places are not quite known to most persons, making them unique and mysterious.

Today, the Nomad Bananas team is back with the next episode of our “Beach” series.

Costa da Vela is a ‘hidden’ beach located at the westernmost point of one of the peninsulas of Galicia, Spain. It takes a one-hour ride from Pontevedra to Costa da Vela. Its position is at the point of the peninsula, facing the Atlantic ocean with the Cies islands in between.. The beach itself is surrounded by hills of rocks and trees.

The walk to the beach
The walk to the beach
Getting nearer to the beach
Getting nearer to the beach

The sand is white and the water quite cold (which is understandable, knowing it faces the Atlantic ocean). The car parking was quite empty when we went there, and it was not a far walk from the parking lot to the beach. The nearest village, Donón, takes around a 5-minute ride from the beach.

The sand color gradually changes from golden...

... to white.
… to white.
Looking at the sun.
Looking at the sun from the beach.

As it is rotated towards the south, it is only possible to witness the sun set if you take a short hike to the rocky hills. Another option is that, as the sun sets, you should be preparing to drive back home. On your way home, while you’re still at the area, you’ll be able to see the sunset from the road, which is located right on top of the hills.

Cies islands from the top of the hills.
Cies islands from the top of the hills.
The sun has set.
The sun has set.

Quick Info: when you drive to Costa da Vela, you will see another beach signage right before Costa da Vela. It’s another beach called Praia de Barra and it’s a nudist beach 😉
Quick Tip: there are a lot of beaches in this area. It’s possible to go beach-hopping!

Shorts and flowing tops with bikini underneath <3
OOTD: Shorts and flowing top with bikini underneath, and comfortable sandals to walk in ❤



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