Rock Bar at Ayana, Bali: Your Perfect Sunset Spot in Jimbaran

Hey there fellow bananians! (yup I just made that up)

Continuing the beach series post, we’re back to Bali this time. Well, this one is not particularly a beach post, more like a by-the-beach kind of post.

Bali’s shoreline is just filled with an endless beauty and with its’ pretty sunset view almost everyday… making Bali even more magical. I kinda have this un-explainable fling thing with sunsets. Be it by the beach, or enjoying it on my way home from work on the bus. Don’t you all have it too? It has some kind of healing feeling, right?

Anywho, the place that I will bring you to this time is Rock Bar, located at Ayana Resort Jimbaran, Bali. It is basically what the name says, a rock (not the music genre rock) bar, located graciously down a cliff in Ayana Resort. Another most popular bar / must visit in Bali. What I personally looove about Rock Bar, is the view, aand… photo spots every where (despite the crowd).





Yes,  crowd.

So since I already touch on the cons part, I, might as well discuss about my personal cons about Rock Bar.
It, being a must visit, have a downside of having so many people coming here especially during the sunset rush starting about 5 – 5.30 ish? So, Tip 1COME EARLY! Time is everything when it comes to visiting Rock Bar. 

Yes. Packed, I know
Yes. Packed, I know

To go down to the bar, there are two ways you can take, first is the ‘cable car’ which you are most likely need to queue for, possibly for an hour or so (yes I am serious) or second, down the stairs! As this bar is located inside a resort, they will also prioritize the ride to in-house guests. Walking down the stairs is not a hassle at all, in fact, a so much better option for us.

Speaking about priority, Rock Bar have sectioned their dining areas to be separated for public and in-house guests. Best dining spots goes for the in-house guests. Or you can also opt to pay a sum of cash for the good location I think. Public have their own spots. Not a bad one, just that you have to be fast to grab the best. So because of that, waiting for hours for the ride down without a guarantee that you will find a seat, I don’t think that’s worth it because there is another option.

Photo 1-9-15 11 04 57 pm

As the sun prepares to set
As the sun prepares to set

Second cons. Not sure how’s the weather trends like in Bali, but when my friend and I were there somewhere around May, it was HOT! like even when I wore a beach dress – it’s burning. Put your shades on! Tip 2 SHADES! Despite the difficulties about getting a good spot for us, this was another reason of my crankiness that day. They will provide you with an umbrella if you are seated in a non sheltered area, though.

We’ve come to the PROs

That's why it is rock bar
That’s why it is called Rock Bar


Yes, I admit. We were here for the view. So, dining wise, I don’t have a say as we only ordered drinks because we had a plan of having a big seafood dinner by the Jimbaran beach :P. But price wise is reasonable enough and I heard good feedbacks about their tapas. So you go ahead and have a bite!

Meanwhile, for the rest.. Enjoy the sunsets..


Photo 3-5-14 5 23 42 pm

Photo 3-5-14 6 07 09 pm


Photo 1-9-15 11 05 04 pm



Rock Bar at Ayana Resort, Jimbaran Bali
AYANA Resort and Spa Bali
Jl Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran
Bali, Indonesia – 80364

Phone: +62 361 702222
Opening hours: 4pm to 1am daily (until 2am on Friday to Sunday)
Dress code: No singlets, board shorts, alcohol-branded attire

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