A Warm Hello!

Hi, all!

It’s been such long time but we’re back than ever and we’ve got a lot of stories to tell you 😀 So, as you see, we’ve been travelling and visiting places, far and near. Fi and I also got to meet up at some points, so we’ve been discussing on how we’re taking Nomad Bananas and *wink wink* there’s a surprise coming up this 2017!

So, sit tight and expect new things from us:

  1. New posts on Mondays and Thursdays every week.
    With curated content and refined imagery, we’ll make sure that the reading experience will inspire you to travel and explore the world.
  2. Original content.
    We’ve always featured original content in this site, but we’re crafting our way to providing premium content. Not only will it satisfy your eyes, but you’ll get to enjoy the whole experience.
  3. Videos.
    Recently, we’ve been recording our trip and compiled it into a video. Expect our videos at the end of each series.
  4. Fashion!
    We’re bringing Nomad Bananas to something wearable 😀

We’ll see you with our curated content starting this Monday. Love you, guys! ❤



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