Bali: Lovina’s Dolphin Sightseeing Tour

Happy Valentine’s day to all of you who celebrate it! 🙂

In tune with the celebration, we’re going to report about an animal which is also known as a loving symbol of gentleness, harmony, & protection: dolphins.

On our third day in Bali, we were scheduled to leave Lovina and head to Kuta (we weren’t in a tour group, but since we were tight on time & budget, we had to schedule everything and stick to it).  Very early in the morning, we joined a dolphin sightseeing tour.

In Lovina, almost every hotel arranges their own dolphin tours, so we advise you to ask you hotel for one if you go there.

Price: Rp 80.000 (equiv. to 6 USD)

Early in the morning, at 5.45 AM, the hotel staff knocked our doors and requested us to get ready. We got up and went to the beach at 6 AM. We were guided to a boat and a man who will take us to see the dolphins. We were the only ones from the hotel who requested a dolphin tour, so we had the boat to ourselves.

Our boat
Our boat

We immediately left the shores and sailed to the open Java sea. While on our way to where the dolphins were supposedly hunting food, we captured amazing sights of the sun rising.


There were a lot of a boats who were on tour as well, so we felt very sorry for the dolphins. The amount of boats floating above the sea, searching for their hunting groups, was likely to overwhelm them and might cause stress. True, the boats or passengers didn’t touch them, but the overwhelming noise of boats jetting around the surface of the sea can affect them.

Swarm of people hunting the hunting dolphin groups.
Swarm of boats hunting the dolphin groups.
The boats with the sunrise behind
The boats with the sunrise behind

It was really a game of cat-and-mouse. We followed wherever the other boats head to because that might be the hunting spot for dolphins. But then, we decided to go further and found the group of dolphins hunting.

It was unbelievable! It astonished and amazed us, and we really couldn’t take our eyes off the dolphins.

In the end, we went back and felt really awesome. It was a sense of feeling that you get after seeing one of the wildest forms in nature. We live in big cities, in a concrete jungle, so to see dolphins hunting in the open sea was truly mesmerizing and eye-opening for us. A beautiful break from what we see in daily life.

We recommend you, guys, to try the dolphin sightseeing tour. Make sure it’s sunny when you go out there and try to pick normal dates (not the high season). The dolphins can be very frightened and, we suppose, they might search other hunting grounds to avoid the boats.




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