Bali: Lost in Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Hi, all!

Today we’re going to share a man-modified natural wonder, still in Bali!

Continuing from our previous post, after having fun at the dolphin sightseeing tour, we packed our stuff and continued with our road trip towards Kuta. We decided to pass by the route through Lake Batur, which will later take us through Ubud.

In Ubud, we visited the Tegalalang Rice Terrace.



Tegalalang rice terrace is… well, rice terraces in Tegalalang Ubud. They are located right by the side of the road and are beautifully structured. Souvenir shops and restaurants line up the road side, but a lot of them offer balconies for tourists to be able to enjoy the landscape.

Shops and restaurants line up the side we came from
Shops and restaurants line up the side we came from

You can book a tour to visit the rice terraces and interact with the farmers. With the tour, you will go into the rice terraces and possibly experience first-hand what farmers do at the rice fields.


However, as we were short of time and budget, we decided to just park our rented car by the road and see the landscape from the balconies. We also sneaked into the backs of the shops (there’s always a way hehe) and made our way to the edge of the rice terrace. Free and with the same experience.

The road
The road

I mean, we (Fi, my brother, and I) had the chance to grow up in places where rice terraces were around, so to tip-toe around the fields through muddy soil was normal and nostalgic for us 😉

Rice rice rice
Rice rice rice

Our visit to this rice terrace coincided with the visit from the delegates of the Interpol General Assembly, which took place around the same time we were in Bali. The road was quite packed and a lot of policemen were around, but hey, it didn’t hinder us from enjoying ourselves there 😀

Definitely loved this place <3
Definitely loved this place ❤



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