Bali: Favorite Moments!

With our Bali series having ended, we want to show you our favorite photos from the trip! ❤

Fi’s Favorites

This was taken from a moving car on our way to Tanah Lot. What I always love about Bali is their sunset. I tried to cherish them as much as possible as I think there is something magical about the sunset here. This was a special shot representing my first Bali sunset after about a year not visiting the Island of Gods.
Processed with VSCO with q1 preset
This has got to be here. Haha! I think this was our very first photo together during the trip? Wearing something white was not part of the plan at all.
Processed with VSCO with q5 preset
Waves catching at Green Bowl Beach. The weather was terrible when we got there. After a quick dip, we need to go back up (climbing a freaking far/tall/tiring steps up) as the tide was getting worse and sky was at its gloomiest. Big failure yet one of the most memorable moment in Bali with San. Followed by a windy and super thundery shower (read:rain) and a cup of Pop Mie slurped from inside the car. Let’s do it again!

San’s favorites

We went to Bali for our best friend’s traditional Balinese wedding, which is called “Pawiwahan”. It was held in her husband’s family home. They’re hindu and they very much hold into their traditions. As part of pawiwahan, large offerings for the Hindu Gods were displayed on a special table in a special space. Love the vibrant colors!
The dolphin sightseeing tour was breathtaking, in that we got to see wild dolphins swimming in the open sea and the chance to see the sunrise.
Green Bowl beach was a huge flop because of the weather, but it was also one of the most memorable. We look forward to visiting this beach again. In this shot, I love how you can see that there aren’t many visitors, hehe.

Psst, another trip is coming up 😀


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