About Us


Nomad Bananas are Fi and San. We are two best friends and we’re basically living the nomadic life across the globe. In this blog, we share our travel experiences around the world and hope to inspire everyone to travel whenever they can, to any place they can, and explore beautiful places scattering around the planet.

The name Nomad Bananas comes from the fact that we are nomads. We move around the globe and are constantly in different places. We chose bananas because bananas are one of the most typical fruits found in tropical countries, especially in Indonesia (where we come from). The yellow color oozes optimism and creativity, and that’s what we want to convey: creative happiness and how to move around without forgetting your roots.

Fi is a search marketing specialist living in Singapore. Loves to travel, trying out local foods, shopping and stalking, who doesn’t? She hates the mid-month and unorganized stuff.

San is an interior designer living in Jakarta, Indonesia. She loves to learn new languages and drink tea. She’s part of Sketsa Pulang Kerja (a sketching community) and also manages her personal blog, The Midnight Pianist.

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