Kyoto, Japan: Up close with Deers in Nara Park

So, back in Fall last year when I was in Japan, part of the itinerary was to visit Kyoto of course. As a Japan newbie, usually Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka are go to places. At least that’s what I did (:P)

That day we woke up pretty early to catch the earliest Shinkansen ride to Kyoto so that we could have the whole day to us in Kyoto. So FYI, Shinkansen runs on a schedule. And it will only wait for you for about less than 5 minutes and on the dot, it will run again. A good website that I used to check on the timings (applies to a lot of train links as well) is HyperDia. This website helps you to arrange your itinerary as it shows different routes and schedules alternatives. Have a look!

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Tokyo, Japan: A Stroll in Ueno and Asakusa


Back in Fall 2016, I get to finally visit Japan. After ticket hunting since the start of the year and a long wait (yes, the sacrifice for a affordable but legit plane ride), it was another “big trip” of the year. Travelled there with my friends, we simply can’t stop smiling along the way. 7 hours of a plane ride with forced sleeps in between, we were just overly excited. Having somewhat an expectation built from simply watching TV or looking at photos.

It should be good, right!

It was during the fall season, maybe close-to-winter back when we were there so the weather was constantly gloomy. Out of 9 days, I think we only had about 1 or 2 days of sun!
Arrived in Narita, Tokyo, we decided to go to our apartment (BnB) in Uguisudani just to drop off our (super heavy) luggages before taking a stroll somewhere around Tokyo. And you of course gotta go for the Japan train ride while you’re there. Taxis in Japan are expensive! Save your money for the food or shopping.

Living too long in Singapore with the already-pretty-efficient public transports, I can’t help but compare the public transport, especially trains, in each country that I visit with the one in here. I must say, indeed Japan is one of the most efficient.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with q8 preset
The view from our apartment in Uguisudani. Not advertising the hotel, guys.

We had our 7 days Japan Rail Pass ready to travel all around Tokyo. This is one of the cheaper way to explore around Japan, rather than paying each trips separately. Simply put, JR Pass allows you to take unlimited train/bus rides during your stay. There are different types of the pass depending on your needs. There are some train lines that aren’t JR Pass friendly so have a read beforehand.

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