Why You Should Travel…

In this days of age, who doesn’t talk about Travel? Or at least follow one travel profile on their social media account? Undeniably, these social media platform that shows (mostly edited) pretty photos of some places unfamiliar yet mesmerizing helps to bring you closer to the world. Then it triggers us human being to naturally add lines to our travel bucket list thanks to the perfect visualization uploaded on, for example, Instagram.

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When I was younger, I didn’t have the chance to explore the world simply due to (mostly) financial matters. My dad prioritised lots of other things than just a holiday. So naturally I was envious of some of my friends that gets to see the world a countless times, not worrying about money because their family has got that leisure. Oh, I am not being negative but stating a fact of what I felt that moment.

Fast-forward till today, I am thankful now that I am older and have a pretty decent income to myself, I have the chance to actually make these dreams come true. To be honest, at first, parents’ permission was always the roadblock and I had to lie a couple of times that I was on a company trip where in fact, I went with one of my bestfriends.

But now that I don’t have to do that anymore (now that I stand by my trick buyandtell), naturally I started to travel even more often. And the more I travel, It actually just come to me that some of these points, that are probably in some other website as well, are really valid. And they are not just your “just another blogger boasting about how she could“.  But genuinely what I felt so far. This list would grow for sure, but here’s some from lots.

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Becoming More Organised
This is for when you’re such an “itinerary person” just like me. Some people travel freely without itinerary. Which is of course another way of getting a new experience. But from my experience so far, building an itinerary requires consideration from lots of things from time, duration, money, weather, etc. You actually do the math for all these things.
Alternatively, you may research from itineraries available on the we and pick the best from thousands out there. But in order to know which one is the most suitable for you, you will still need to research about them. It is tedious at first but it gets easier every time.

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Learning About Ourselves
Entering new places requires human to adapt. Adaptation helps you realize that you are more capable that you think of as you are outside of your comfort zone. You could recognize more to your likes and dislikes. Say, you might be allergic to some sort of food. Or apparently you get tanned very easily. Getting to know how people from different cultures perceive you. Which may not always a good thing. But then you can “upgrade” yourself even further from it.

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Learning New Skills
Naturally you will at least learn one new local word from travelling to a new place. Master various life hacks because of the limitation from the place you visit. Learning how to cook. Learning how to neatly pack your clothes because you need space in your tiny luggage for those gifts you are bringing back.
Learning how to save mostly money. For the trip itself or for your next dinner because you only have $100 left for the next 4 days.

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Eating Good (or Bad) Food
Tons and tons of super good food (or bad ones) that are interesting in this world. Funny enough, the pizza you always ate in your hometown, probably tastes completely different compared to when you eat it at where it is originated from!

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Learning About the People You Travel with
Travel brings out the most in people. This is a good way to know more of your partner. It helps you learn to balance between you and your travel partner’s opinions, wants, needs, everything.
Travelling to a place you’ve been with two different partner separately could give you a totally different experience. You can learn different perspectives of the world from different people you travel with.

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Giving You Sense of Accomplishment
I admit, travelling is highly addictive.
Crossing that wishlist one country at a time gives you sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Just understand that life is not a race, and you don’t need to mark the globe with colorful marker that you’ve visited them within a year. Take your time.

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Learning About Respect
Just like how you visit your friends’ house, you need to respect the owner of the house. Similarly to travelling to a new place. You are required to respect their culture, the rules of the city/country, or even if it’s a simple folklore or myths from the local.

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Becoming wiser and open-minded
All of these things correlates to each other. About pressing your ego. About becoming more selfless. About knowing that the world isn’t just about you and for you only. That you are just a tiny little human being compared to the world. That everyone has their problem everyday, every minute. So we be considerate and be kind.

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Appreciation and Gratitude
Appreciate the cold, because it’s been so humid back in your country. Appreciate the sunshine because it’s been raining from where you just visit. From all the experiences and lessons you gained, it grooms you to a better person. Grateful for each inhale and exhale, and all other small things we used to take for granted.

So for whoever reading this still hasn’t got the chance to do it, do it. If you can’t do it now, plan it. Because one of your most valuable life lesson would come from travelling.



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Photos are all from Fi’s personal travel inventory.


A Warm Hello!

Hi, all!

It’s been such long time but we’re back than ever and we’ve got a lot of stories to tell you 😀 So, as you see, we’ve been travelling and visiting places, far and near. Fi and I also got to meet up at some points, so we’ve been discussing on how we’re taking Nomad Bananas and *wink wink* there’s a surprise coming up this 2017!

So, sit tight and expect new things from us:

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